Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dons v Killie - Dare you to try three at the back?

After a comfortable win at Forfar, the question in my mind is what team The Dons will play this weekend against Killie?
Considine and Milsom are likely to return but it appears Osbourne and Pawlett are out for several weeks. Vernon and Chalali are likley to shake off knocks.

The Dons are at home, coming off two wins, confidence returning...should we go for it at home? 

My main thinking is that with not all the personnel available; Osbourne, Pawlett, Mawene all likely to be missing, should we have a go at Killie and line up 3-5-2 or 3-4-3? 

Craig Brown has favoured 4-4-2 but maybe its time for a change?

Lining up in this way gives the Dons attack minded players more license to get forward when in possession and be more natural. Milsom and Fyvie have proven to work well together in the middle of the park, and in wide positions Fyvie is not comfortable and it's not his natural game. In this line up their aim is to create and support for the front two. Arnason sits behind providing that hybrid of defensive and midfield thinking. 

Jack is comfortable further forward on the right and has an eye for goal as he has demonstrated this season. Robertson has played wide left both in defence and midfield (pre-season) so again it's a position he is comfortable with. Again, they provide supply to the front but they have defensive duties too when not in possession. They have young legs to get up and down the flanks.

Now, the back three. If Mawene was fit, then I would suggest Reynolds, McArdle and Mawene but I feel if a three is played this weekend it will be Reynolds, Considine and McArdle.

3-5-2 line up

Of course, a formation is never truly rigid and changes as the team is with or without possession. When in possession it's important the Dons get into wide areas and Milsom or Fyvie join the attack, therefore 3-5-2 becomes 3-4-3. When the ball is lost, the players try to re-shape to 3-5-2.
Another more attacking variation could be 3-4-3, introducing young Mitch Meggison who has played in this formation during pre-season to some affect. Chalali would drop out with Milsom pushing wide left in a front three.

3-4-3 line up

This may be a little over adventurous but The Dons did play a similar setup in a friendly pre-season and looked good. The key here is the contribution in wide areas both in an attacking and defensive sense. This formation should in theory promote pressing higher up the pitch and suppress opposition full backs. Arnason again has his mind on his defence duties and drops in when The Dons don't have the ball, again changing the dynamics of the formation.

It's worth a try in my mind, because the 4-4-2 has largely been unsuccessful this season.
I welcome your thoughts...

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